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Carnivorans of  Southeast Asia

There are nearly 300 species in the order Carnivora, divided amongst 16 families.  Within Southeast Asia, around 60 species are currently recognised in 10 families. Carnivorans have features evolved for the capture and consumption of meat, however many species have evolved away from a fully meat-based diet whilst retaining such features as large canine teeth, sharp claws and the ability to run fast. The most speciose groups in the region are the family Mustelidae, which comprises otters and martens, the civet family Viverridae, and the cat family Felidae which includes the iconic, but severely threatened, Tiger.


Cats : Felidae
SE Asia : 12 species (worldwide 41 species)

Bay Cat 
Catopuma badia
  Asian Golden Cat 
Catopuma temminckii  
  Jungle Cat 
Felis chaus   
Sunda Clouded Leopard 
Neofelis diardi   
Clouded Leopard 
Neofelis nebulosa 
Panthera pardus
Panthera tigris
  Marbled Cat
Pardofelis marmorata
Mainland Leopard Cat 
Prionailurus bengalensis 
Sunda Leopard Cat 
Prionailurus javanensis 
Flat-headed Cat 
Prionailurus planiceps    
  Fishing Cat 
Prionailurus viverrinus 

Civets : Viverridae
SE Asia : 16 species (worldwide 36 species)

Arctictis binturong
  Small-toothed Palm Civet
Arctogalidia trivirgata
  Owston's Civet
Chrotogale owstoni
Otter Civet
Cynogale bennettii
Hose's Civet
Diplogale hosei
Banded Civet
Hemigalus derbyanus
Sulawesi Palm Civet
Macrogalidia musschenbroekii  
 Masked Palm Civet
 Paguma larvata  
Common/Sumatran Palm Civet
Paradoxurus musangus 
   Malay Civet
   Viverra tangalunga
Other SE Asia species :
Arctogalidia stigmatica - Bornean Striped Palm Civet
Paradoxurus hermaphroditus - Indian Palm Civet
Paradoxurus philippinensis - Philippine Palm Civet
Viverra megaspila - Large-spotted Civet
Large Indian Civet
Viverra zibetha
Small Indian Civet
Viverricula indica

Linsangs : Prionodontidae
2 species, both in SE Asia

Banded Linsang
Prionodon linsang
  Spotted Linsang
Prionodon pardicolor  


Mongooses and allies : Herpestidae
SE Asia : 4 species (worldwide 34 species)

Short-tailed Mongoose
Herpestes brachyurus
  Javan Mongoose
Herpestes javanicus
  Collared Mongoose
Herpestes semitorquatus
Crab-eating Mongoose
Herpestes urva

Dogs and allies : Canidae
SE Asia : 4 species (worldwide 35 species)

Golden Jackal
Canis aureus
Cuon alpinus
  Raccoon Dog
Nyctereutes procyonoides
Red Fox
Vulpes vulpes

Bears : Ursidae
SE Asia : 2 species (worldwide 8 species)

Red Panda : Ailuridae
SE Asia : 1 species (worldwide 1 species)
Sun Bear
Helarctos malayanus
  Asiatic Black Bear
Ursus thibetanus
  Red Panda
Ailurus fulgens

Badgers, Martens, Weasels etc : Mustelidae, Mustelinae
SE Asia : 16 species (worldwide 44 species)

    Other SE Asia species :
Arctonyx hoevenii - Sumatran Hog Badger
Martes foina - Stone Marten (?)
Melogale everetti - Bornean Ferret Badger
Melogale moschata - Small-toothed Ferret Badger
Melogale orientalis - Javan Ferret Badger
Melogale personata - Large-toothed Ferret Badger
Melogale cucphuongensis - Cuc Phuong Ferret Badger
Greater Hog Badger
Arctonyx collaris
  Yellow-throated Marten
Martes flavigula
    Other SE Asia species :
Mustela kathiah - Yellow-bellied Weasel
Mustela lutreolina - Indonesian Mountain Weasel
Mustela nivalis - Least Weasel
Mustela sibirica - Siberian Weasel
Mustela tonkinensis - Tonkin Weasel
Malay Weasel
Mustela nudipes  
  Stripe-backed Weasel
Mustela strigidorsa  

Otters : Mustelidae, Lutrinae
SE Asia : 4 species (worldwide 13 species)

Oriental Small-clawed Otter
Aonyx cinerea
  Eurasian Otter
Lutra lutra
  Hairy-nosed Otter
Lutra sumatrana
Smooth Otter
Lutrogale perspicillata

Stink Badgers : Mephitidae
2 species, both in SE Asia :
Mydaus javanensis - Sunda Stink-badger (Teledu)
Mydaus marchei - Palawan Stink-badger