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Text and photos by Nick Baker, unless credited to others.
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> Frogs of PNG  



Frogs of  Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea hosts an abundance of frog species, and there are huge areas of the country yet to be systematically studied. The chances of finding new species, especially in the rugged highland regions, is extremely high, and many species remain undescribed. Many of the smaller species, however, are hard to locate in the tangle of tree roots, ferns, mosses, leaf litter and other debris which makes up the forest floor in many hilly or mountainous areas. The species shown here are largely from lower montane forests, between 800 and 1750 metres elevation.


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Family : Hylidae
Litoria amboinensis
  Litoria auae
  Litoria congenita
  Litoria darlingtoni
  Litoria eucnemis
Litoria havina
  Litoria infrafrenata
  Litoria thesaurensis
  Litoria sp. 1
  Litoria sp. 2
Litoria sp. 3
  Litoria sp. 4
  Litoria sp. 5
  Litoria sp. 6
  Litoria sp. 7
Family : Microhylidae
Albericus tuberculus
  Austrochaperina derongo
  Austrochaperina sp. 1
  Austrochaperina sp. 2
  Austrochaperina sp. 3
Austrochaperina sp. 4
  Austrochaperina sp. 5
  Callulops slateri
  Callulops sp. 1
  Callulops sp. 2
Callulops sp. 3
  Cophixalus sp. 1
  Cophixalus sp. 2
  Cophixalus sp. 3
  Cophixalus sp. 4
Copiula sp. 1
  Hylophorbus sp. 1
  Hylophorbus sp. 2
  Hylophorbus sp. 3
  Hylophorbus sp. 4
Mantophryne lateralis
  Sphenophryne cornuta
  Oreophryne sp. 1
  Oreophryne sp. 2
  Oreophryne sp. 3
Oreophryne sp. 4
  Oreophryne sp. 5
Family : Myobatrachidae
Lechriodus melanopyga
Family : Ranidae
Rana daemeli
  Rana grisea
  Rana cf grisea
  Rana novaeguineae
  Rana sp. 1

I am indebted to Dr. Stephen Richards for his enthusiasm, support and assistance in identification of many of the species illustrated here. His work, both in PNG and in Papua (Indonesia), has raised the profile of New Guinea's diverse frog fauna in the world's media.

Rana sp. 2
  Rana sp. 3