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Text and photos by Nick Baker, unless credited to others.
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> Snakes of PNG  



Snakes of  Papua New Guinea

There are over 80 species of snake in Papua New Guinea, excluding sea snakes. There still remain many parts of the country unstudied by researchers : given time, there will be undoubtedly be further discoveries of new species. More remarkable than the species count is the diversity of colour, form and habits. The species presented here give a tantalizing glimpse of these elusive creatures.


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Blind Snakes  (Typhlopidae) Boas  (Boidae)
Blind Snake
Typhlops / Ramphotyphlops sp.  
  New Guinea Ground Boa
Candoia aspera
  Pacific Ground Boa
Candoia carinata paulsoni
Pythons  (Pythonidae)
Papuan Olive Python 
Apodora papuana
  White-lipped Pythons
Leiopython spp.
Green Tree Python
Morelia viridis
  Boelen's Python
Simalia boeleni 
Bronzebacks  (Colubridae) Cat Snakes (Colubridae)
Dendrelaphis lineolatus
  Brown Cat Snake
Boiga irregularis
Keelbacks  (Natricidae)
Many-scaled Keelback
Tropidonophis multiscutellatus
New Guinea Keelback
Tropidonophis novaeguineae
Painted Keelback
Tropidonophis picturatus
  PNG Montane Keelback
Tropidonophis statisticus
  Keelback sp. (Tabubil)
Tropidonophis sp.
Forest Snakes, Crowned Snakes, Death Adders etc.  (Elapidae)
New Guinea Death Adders
Acanthophis spp.
  Muller's Crowned Snake
Aspidomorphus muelleri
  Black Whipsnake
Demansia vestigiata
N. Guinea Small-eyed Snake
Micropechis ikaheka
'Black Forest Snake'
Toxicocalamus atratus 
Given the importance of documenting and sharing verifiable snake sighting records in PNG, I have included details in each of these pages of the location, elevation and other details of my sightings. I have relied almost exclusively on Mark O'Shea's excellent 'Snakes Of Papua New Guinea' for hard facts. I echo Mark's plea for submission of sighting records and/or photos.

  See also ... Snakes of SE Asia